About Us

We became parents very recently, in June 2021, when our little princess was born. The idea for the Baby Memory Book came soon after the birth together with the desire to capture the most important moments of the baby girl.

All kinds of baby memory books are available in stores and one of them got our hands. However, when we started doing it, we came to the conclusion that writing by hand, printing photos and pasting them is not really what we want to do – we don’t want to develop photos every month, but we also don’t want to wait, because there will be other emotions, other events that will the feelings of the moment fade away. That’s why we first searched the Internet to see if anyone offers a baby memory book in digital form, where we can upload photos, fill in the necessary information and receive the book in physical form. However, we could not find anything like that. 

That’s when we thought: “Maybe we should make something like that ourselves?”



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