There is no time limit. You can fill it as long as you want.

No, you can fill the sections you want. We will print those sections that are started or finished.

To get the most interesting result possible, we recommend that you complete all sections.

No, regardless of the number of completed sections, the price of the Baby Memory Book remains the same.

Choose “Create a new book” button at the bottom of the homepage. Name it as you prefer, for example, “John’s book”. It is also possible to maneuver between books there. The name of the first booklet will always be “Book #1”.

You can upload photos in different formats. Use original photos. Photos sent via Whatsapp, Messenger, etc. lose their quality. We will crop them if necessary.

Your data is safe by the secure HTTPS protocol. We have one of the most secure data storage servers. We do not disclose your data to third parties, except to ensure the printing and binding of the book. You can find out more about data processing here.


Filling and photo adding are free! The printed book cost 89.99 EUR (incl. shipping).

When placing an order you can choose between 3 colors – blue, pink, or neutral. Samples are available on the Design Samples page. At the end of each section you can see design sample as well.

Register, fill out the book and when you are ready to order, press the button “Finish filling and order the book” on the Home page.

You can order at any time. However, remember that more completed sections will give a better result.

It usually takes from 3 – 4 weeks to receive the printed version.

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